Roller shutters are essentially an outdoor blind made from either steel or alimunium that are constructed to roll down over a window and designed to fit closely and securely to the window panel. They can be manually operated or electronically operated through a remote or a switch. There are a number of reasons that individuals choose to install roller shutters in their home including security purposes, reducing energy costs, great insulation benefits, increased property value, noise reduction and more. However, it is important to make note of all considerable factors involved before deciding whether installation is right for you or not. 


Here are 5 things to think about before installing roller shutters in your home:

What is the main purpose you are installing roller shutters in the first place?

As briefly mentioned, roller shutters have many beneficial purposes including:

  • Keeping your house cool in summer and warm in winter which in turn reduces energy costs as you are relying less on heaters and airconditioners in peak summer and winter
  • Strong and robust form of blinds which is perfect for house security as it makes it difficult to access from the outside and reduces the chance of intruders
  • Noise reduction minimised by up to 50% – perfect for houses situated in a busy street; with loud neighbours or temporary construction etc 
  • Protection from the sun and keeps light out when required – perhaps you want to have a sleep in or take a nap in the middle of the day. Rollershutters also can protect individuals from UV rays and also protect their personal belongings from sun-fading. 
  • Bush fire protection 
  • Increasing your homes value 

What is your price range for this project?

Roller shutters can vary in price depending on the type of product that is installed and although they have optimal wear, there are reasons some are more expensive than others. Discussing all available options from the inexpensive to the most expensive, will allow you to determine what roller shutter is best to install for your home. 

Where would you like them installed?

As every home is different, the makeup of a house and the window placement varies. The position your home sits and what it is surrounded by, as well as which way it faces along with where the sun hits windows during sunrise and sunset, are all considerable factors to decide when installing roller shutters. Some windows may face more sun than others in the house and therefore rollershutters may only be beneficial in some areas. 

What are the sizes and shapes of your windows?

Roller shutters can vary in many different sizes, shapes and colours which all depend on what your chosen installer has. Therefore it is important that you pick the right roller shutters for your home. Depending if your windows are all the same size, you can choose to get a set of custom-cut shutters or if they are mixed sizes, you may be best off choosing shutter panels instead. 

What material should you choose?

As previously mentioned, roller shutters tend to be sold in forms of steel or aluminium. This consideration can also correlate with benefit 2 – so depending on your price range, it might determine what material you choose for your roller shutter installation. Typically, the steel shutter option is usually a little bit more expensive than an aluminium shutter option. 


Now that you have become more knowledgeable on what to consider when installing roller shutters, it comes down to deciding who can install them. Here at MyLiving Outdoors, we engage with fully licensed, insured and qualified roller shutter installers meaning you can feel rest assured that your shutters will be fitted by the best and in the best manner. 


We will always provide you with a fixed price agreement, ensuring that there will be no hidden costs and you can move forward comfortably knowing the value of your investment. Arrange a FREE quote today with MyLiving Outdoors and take the outdoor living dream and transform it into an impressive reality.