Breathe life into your patio with our selection of outdoor fans, designed to keep you cool during the warmer months. Illuminate your nights with our versatile outdoor and deck lighting options, adding ambience and security. When the temperature drops, our outdoor heating solutions ensure your outdoor activities remain uninterrupted.

We also offer gutter guard to reduce maintenance. For privacy and protection, check out our screening solutions. To complete your outdoor setup, we provide stylish and secure pedestrian gates. Our aim is to provide you with everything needed to create the perfect outdoor sanctuary tailored to your needs.

MyLiving outdoors knocked down our old pergola, built a new one with downlights, automatic curtains and ceiling fan.

Their individual contractors were courteous, professional and tidy and each of the contracts were doublechecked, photographed to ensure they complied with specifications. there was no pressure to sign up to their company and throughout the project, there was good communication from the office and project manager.




Transform your outdoor oasis with our diverse range of premium electrical solutions. Whether you’re seeking the gentle breeze of our state-of-the-art outdoor fans, the ambient glow from our sophisticated outdoor lighting, the cozy warmth of our modern outdoor heaters, or the understated elegance of our deck lighting, we have the perfect enhancement to elevate your outdoor experience. Dive into a world where functionality meets design, and let us illuminate and invigorate your outdoor spaces like never before.

Gutter Guard

Say goodbye to blockages, overflows, and the hassle of regular clean-ups. Our durable gutter guard not only ensure a seamless flow of rainwater but also enhance the lifespan of your verandah. With a perfect blend of functionality and aesthetics, give your outdoor space the protection it deserves, and enjoy a pristine verandah all year round. Step up your home maintenance game and let our gutter guard do the heavy lifting for you.


Our 4mm thick aluminium gutter guard is corrosion resistant but also lightweight and flexible, allowing it to neatly conform to the contours of your roof and gutters.

Bird & Vermin Proof

Our method of installation combined with the small aperture of the mesh prevents birds, snakes, rats and other vermin from entering the roof and gutter space.

No Maintenance

Any fine debris that may enter the gutters will generally wash away with the rain, in the minor event that any sludge or silt builds up simply hose through the mesh to flush out.


Experience a harmonious blend of privacy and style with our premium screening solutions. Whether you’re seeking to enclose a patio or simply add a touch of sophistication to your outdoor spaces, our screens provide an elegant barrier without compromising on aesthetics. Dive into a world where seclusion meets beauty, and enjoy the serenity of your outdoor haven. With our top-quality screening, redefine boundaries and elevate your living spaces to a realm of comfort and class.

Pedestrian Gates

Mark your entrance with the perfect blend of style and functionality with our pedestrian gates. Crafted for those who value both security and aesthetics, our gates offer a grand welcome while ensuring peace of mind. 

At MyLiving Outdoors, we pride ourselves on our customer service and high-quality standards. Reviews are important as they either help us to improve or provide us with confidence that we are giving our customers the best possible experience.

Accreditations & Suppliers

Master Builders South Australia
Solar Span
R&M Timber Supplies