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What a professional job! from the initial planning & advice to the final installation. It looks fantastic so thanks to all staff at My living Outdoors. I can thoroughly recommend this company for your home improvements.



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The Sunroof

Master the elements and elevate your outdoor experience with the cutting-edge Sunroof louvre patio. The Sunroof boasts remote-controlled louvres that seamlessly transition to a sleek ceiling finish when closed.

Simplistic Use

Open and close the louvres with the touch of a button on your remote or wall switch or choose to operate your louvres with an easy-to-use manual crank system.

Engineered Design

Available in flat or gable designs, the Sunroof louvre system can span up to 3.9m for flat and 7.2m for gables, thanks to its strong well-engineered blades.

Ultra Quiet Operation

The powder coated aluminium blades have an in-built weather strip to reduce rattling noise and form a tight seal. Specially designed brushes ensure whisper quiet performance on all moving parts.

Easy Climate Control

Let the breeze and sunlight in when the weather is fine, and provide protection when the clouds and rain set in. By adjusting the rotating louvres, you have complete control of the sunlight, shade, and wind.

The Allure

The Allure is our top of the range louvre roof verandah and presents premier year-round outdoor living. With more considerable proportions due to the larger posts and beams, this ultra-modern design is specifically crafted using all aluminium and stainless steel components to provide superior performance, particularly in coastal locations.

The Pavilion Grande

Immerse yourself in an unparalleled outdoor journey, enriched by the distinctive elegance and architectural brilliance of the Pavilion Grande, setting the stage for memories and moments to cherish.

Classical Architectural Proportions

Created using larger columns and bulkheads, as well as the distinctive edge gutter, the Pavilion Grande is a response to emerging trends for a more substantial looking structure.

Meticulous Attention to Detail

With increased details such as concealed fasteners, aluminium composite panels and integrated LED lighting, the Pavilion Grande adds an element of sophistication, elegance, and glamour to outdoor living.

Sense of Openness and Space

Engineering capabilities have been optimised to reduce the number of columns required and maximise roof spans, giving the Pavilion Grande a dramatic sense of openness and space.

Insulated Composite Roofing

The smooth ceiling like finish further enhances the clean, contemporary design while also providing thermal comfort.

The Pavilion Slique

The Pavilion Slique delivers the refined aesthetics and elegance of the Pavilion Grande, yet in a more streamlined form, making it a top choice for townhouses and courtyard residences. Drawing on classical architectural proportions, the Slique is very similar to the Grande but with a more slender design. It also provides a slightly more cost-effective solution for a very similar look and feel.

 The Curved Patio

The modern design of a curved roof for your verandah, patio, or carport not only enhances your home’s value but also infuses it with a touch of elegance and refined sophistication.

Contemporary Flair

The smooth, clean look of the curved roof will form a graceful canopy over any outdoor area. This sophisticated design will be the envy of all your family and friends.

Clean Lines

Our remarkably strong clearspan design minimises beams and leaves the roof area clean and uncluttered, creating a ceiling-like finish. Polycarbonate and traditional CGI roofing are also optional designs and incorporate purlins and rafters.

Large Span Potential

The curved roof can span up to 6.6m wide in both our roofing design options and can be installed as an attached or freestanding structure.

Unique Design

Curved verandahs are a very popular and trendy option. Using custom designed roll-formed beams, these structures add the functionality of a gable design, but with considerably more class.

The Retreat

Step into a realm of outdoor elegance and comfort with our exquisite all hardwood timber verandah – where style meets tranquillity in perfect harmony.

Rustic Charm

Discover the allure of rustic charm in ‘The Retreat’ that effortlessly blends the nostalgia of yesteryear with modern outdoor living. This verandah exudes an ageless beauty that brings the past into the present.

Timeless Strength

Carefully crafted using large timber posts and beam, these timbers not only evoke a sense of timeless elegance but also offer unparalleled strength, ensuring your outdoor space remains a sanctuary of sturdiness and charm.

Revolutionary Comfort

As the sun dances overhead, revel in the remarkable thermal benefits that the insulated roof provides by creating a cooling shade in those scorching summers.

Tranquil Retreat

Step into the realm of tranquillity where the natural allure of hardwood merges seamlessly with a modern insulated roof, offering you a serene escape from the ordinary. The rich wood textures create an inviting warmth that resonates with authenticity.

The Artisan

Discover a masterpiece in outdoor living with ‘The Artisan’ verandah, where the timeless beauty of rendered columns harmonises flawlessly with the strength of a hardwood beam – a sanctuary of craftsmanship and style.

Elegant Fusion

Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, this design showcases large rendered columns and a sturdy hardwood beam. Embrace the perfect blend of tradition and modernity.

Columned Grandeur

The Artisan is anchored by its stunning large rendered columns. Evoking an aura of classic grandeur, these columns are not just structural pillars but also artistic statements.

Strength and Elegance

At the core of this verandah lies the striking hardwood beam. Exuding both raw power and refined beauty, this beam creates a focal point that serves as a testament to nature’s unparalleled artistry.

Insulated Excellence

Melding functionality with elegance, the insulated roof ensures comfort in every season. Every aspect of this design is a nod to both aesthetic appeal and exceptional performance.

The Statesman

Indulge in the ultimate alfresco experience beneath the allure of rendered columns and intricately designed bulkheads – where open-air relaxation meets architectural sophistication.

Sculptured Elegance

Immerse yourself in the opulent charm of ‘The Statesman’. It’s integrated rendered columns and bulkheads stand as artistic statements, lending an air of grandeur to your outdoor space.

Embracing Volume

Dominated by statuesque rendered columns, it exudes a regal grace that’s further enhanced by the artful presence of sculptured bulkheads. The chunky look has emerged as a distinctive aesthetic, embodying confidence, strength, and a departure from the minimalist norm.

Celebration of Scale

Every moment under this verandah becomes a celebration of architectural beauty and refined leisure. It’s a festival of form and scale, where bigger often means bolder.

Sleek Sanctuary

Directed by its pristine clean lines, it offers an uninterrupted visual flow that’s rare and captivating. The absence of visible fixings elevates its appeal and creates a sanctuary that speaks volumes through its silent perfection.

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