Roller shutters are commonly found in homes for a reason. Gone are the days when people install roller shutters solely for security purposes. These window and door coverings are now much more than that. Other than keeping your home safe, they can reduce energy costs, have great insulation benefits, increase property value and more. Bulky roller shutters are a thing of the past with new designs and patterns now available in the market. If you are thinking whether installing them is worth it, read on to help you decide.


What are roller shutters?

Roller shutters are made out of aluminium and steel. This makes them extremely durable which is why they were mainly used for security reasons. When drawn down, it makes a property look more sleek visually and it’s a great deterrent from intruders. You don’t have to worry whether it complements your home design or not as they can be purchased in a range of different colours and patterns. There are also different kinds of operating them, either manual or motorised. 


Benefits of installing roller shutters:

Strong and robust

Aside from being made from durable materials, roller shutters are strong and robust as they are closely fitted to the door or window. They cannot be pulled away easily. Once the roller shutter is closed, it’s impossible for intruders to enter.


Energy efficient and Insulation

Roller shutters are efficient in keeping summer heat out and keeping winter heat in. This means you’d be relying less on heaters and air conditioners thus slashing your power bills. They are also great at blocking out light, perfect for a home theatre, night duty workers, and for people who are trying to sleep. 


Noise reduction

Roller shutters have been proved to minimise noise up to 50%. This is a great way to keep external noise out such as from neighbours, roads, construction, or local festivities. Enjoy the peace and quiet with roller shutters installed in your home.


Easy to use

There are different operational options available in the market for roller shutters. Ranging from electric, battery operated to manual. You can also choose if you’d rather have a wall switch, remote, or a winder. It all depends on your personal preference and we can tailor your roller shutters accordingly.


Protects you and your belongings from the sun

Rather than spending a lot of money on various window treatments, opt for roller shutters instead. Not only can they protect you from UV rays but also prevent sun bleaching of your things as well. Even curtains could not block the sun completely from entering your home.


Bushfire protection

Unfortunately , there are bushfires every year, especially here in South Australia. If you live in a high risk area, roller shutters are great when it comes to fire protection. They can reduce your risk of damage just in case there’s a bushfire in your area.


Increase your home’s value

Installing roller shutters can increase your home’s property value. If you are ever to sell your home or planning to in the future, shutters can still be of value. They have an extremely long life span and only require little maintenance. With all the benefits roller shutters have, it surely is a great addition to any home.


We provide high-quality roller shutters in Adelaide

MyLiving Outdoors only engages with fully licensed, insured, and qualified installers meaning you can be rest assured that your roller shutters will be well fitted in the best possible manner. We also always provide you with a fixed price agreement, meaning there are no hidden costs and you can move forward and comfortably know the value of your investment. Get in touch today.