Building or renovating a home can come with many decisions, planning and questions. There are so many elements to consider when it comes to making your interior and exterior tie together and look completed. Rest assured, the installation of the blinds is another layer and contributor to making your house a home.

A question that may come up is, “Should the blinds match the colour of my walls?”. The answer to this is completely subjective and depends on your style and preferences. Your home deserves to feel and be aesthetic. Taking your blinds seriously can make it the perfect addition to any home.

Outdoor blinds

Enjoy the outdoors all year around with family and friends with outdoor blinds. Outdoor blinds can transform your pergola or verandah and increase value to your outdoor space. They also help control light, UV rays, as well as protect you and your furniture from the weather and bugs, enabling the outdoor space more usable. Learn more about the benefits and value of blinds here.

The general rule of thumb

Let’s discuss important factors with blinds vs. wall colours to help you make a satisfied and optimal decision. You may want to follow the general rule of thumb of having the blinds and walls to be at least one shade lighter or darker than each other to avoid colour clashing. Makes sense, right? However, there are appeals and benefits to matching the colour or creating a contrast as well.

Blinds that are lighter

Blinds that are lighter than your wall colour can create an illusion for bigger space. The blinds can also soften the windows and allow the surrounding furniture or décor to stand out. If you are looking to reduce the heaviness of the space, then select a tone that is lighter to brighten things up.

Blinds that are darker

Alternatively, blinds that are darker than your wall colour can add depth as they define the window shapes and size. Dark blinds against light coloured walls can create a beautiful high contrast, creating a dominating effect. Choosing a contrasting colour, such as a pop of blue, can really elevate a neutral space and make it more personalised.

Blinds that match your walls

Blinds that match your walls can help achieve a contemporary, modern, traditional or classic style. The seamless look could add value to the home’s aesthetics and help create a continuous feel.

Assess your objective

Consider what the practical aim and end desire is for the blinds. Do you value views? Then perhaps clear blinds or a blind that has a tint is best. Or maybe you are after privacy? Security? Light control? Design style? Remember to also consider the wall texture, blind fabrics, and the home colour scheme. Also consider consistency as mismatched outdoor blinds may make the space look messy and unfinished. If you are still unsure about whether you should match your blinds to the walls, then selecting a different tone or shade in the same colour family as the walls may be a safer option.

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