Is it time to improve your outdoor living area and take the ‘indoors outside’? Blinds can add an aspect of simplicity and comfort to an outdoor space whilst maintaining its purpose. Whether that would be providing protection from the changing elements, to enhancing the aesthetics of the area and improving privacy, blinds offer a diverse range of benefits. Not too sure how blinds can add value to your outdoor living area? Here are 5 benefits that will certainly improve your space.  


What are outdoor blinds?

Designed with the climate in mind, outdoor blinds are functional and versatile, bringing your backyard vision to life. Made with high quality PVC (Polyvinyl Chloride), privacy mesh or acrylic canvas, this makes outdoor blinds durable during the harsh and blistering climates in Australia. When manually or automatically operated, outdoor blinds do not only compliment your existing outdoor structure or décor, but provide the privacy and protection that you seek, creating a comfortable outdoor area. This cost effective alternative should be installed by a professional to ensure that the fit effectively seals your outdoor structure correctly.


Benefits of Outdoor Blinds


Protection from any Outdoor Elements

Outdoor blinds are commonly placed on a pergola, patio or verandah to shield against any harsh sunlight, heat, wind, dust, rain and insects. By protecting the outdoor entertainment space from external elements, this ultimately lengthens the lifespan of your outdoor furniture from extreme exposure and thus, maximises the comfort of your home.


If you are continually nervous about a nosy neighbour or would like to increase the privacy of your outdoor area, there is no doubt that you’ll enjoy the level of privacy offered by outdoor blinds. Offered in different colours and materials, you can pick the level of protectiveness and privacy that you require. Enjoy the feeling of your private outdoor area without the prying eyes.



Utilising outdoor blinds is a great solution to optimise your spaces. Blending seamlessly with any environment, outdoor blinds can be used in various places outside your home, including your kitchen and or garden windows. With a diverse range of styles and colours available to complement your space, you can easily create a functional area (entertainment area) for your family and friends to spend time in comfortably.


Aesthetic Appeal

Aside from protection, outdoor blinds can further enhance your outdoor living areas overall appearance. When fitted correctly, it can result in the perfect coordination of bringing ‘exteriors inside’ and thus, an area where you can appreciate the weather without venturing far from your home. Available with an extensive range of styles, colours and designs, you will easily find the perfect outdoor blind for your home.


Ease of Use

Did you know that outdoor blinds are available in roller, shuttered, fixed and retractable styles to suit your different needs? Designed to last for a long period of time against harsh climate conditions, your privacy and comfort are also maximised all year round. Fortunately, there is only a little maintenance and cleaning needed to continue your connectivity with your outside area.


At MyLiving Outdoors, we can transform your outdoor living space into a functional, aesthetic and secure place for you to enjoy. Rest assured, our trusted team will closely work with you, from detail to honest advice, each step is designed to personalise your outdoor vision and make it a reality. For more information and advice about which material, style and colour to choose for outdoor blinds, please get in touch with our highly experienced team. Start living your outdoor dream with us TODAY.