Verandahs have been a common addition to many Australian homes as they make a house look more complete and pleasing to look at. They often serve a variety of purposes, depending on where and why it’s fitted in the home. If you are indecisive with the idea of adding a verandah in your home, here are 7 benefits to consider to help you make your decision.



Expanded space

Verandahs create extra living areas that are an extra bonus for any home. You can never go wrong with an added space in the house. It can serve as a common area for everyone to gather and hang out, can be used as a children’s play area, or can be an area where you just relax after a long day of work.



Hosting and entertainment

In Australia, we all love to entertain all year round and Adelaide’s sunny, warm climate is perfect for it. This means that we love spending our time outdoors. Whether you’re having a barbecue, a house party, or an elegant alfresco dinner, it’s a long held tradition in Australia for the fun to take place under the verandah.




A verandah adds a finishing touch to many homes. No matter the style of the home you have, it frames a house in a way and makes it more attractive. There are various options that can match the existing aesthetic of your home and make it work to enhance the appeal of your property.




It’s a fact that verandahs can increase the value of your property often up to double the investment spent on installing one in your home. The return alone makes the decision of adding one very attractive if you ever plan to sell your home in the future. The value added may vary on the design and type you choose but it’s a good investment overall as the benefits outweigh the cost almost every time.



Protects your home from the elements

While the weather can get unpredictable during the summer and winter months, having a verandah fitted acts as a protection for you and your family during heavy rains or extreme heat. During the rainy months, it can help keep your flooring and your carpets clean since you can just slip your footwear off under it before entering your house. The roofing on some verandahs can also have a high UV protective filter for that extra barrier making for a more comfortable and safer experience in your home. Installing outdoor blinds is also a good option for adding more protection as well.



Additional home storage

Verandahs can also be a handy storage solution for when you have no room inside the house. Things such as extra furniture, gym equipment, or bikes will be safely stored outside since you won’t have to worry about various issues like rain, bird droppings or UV rays that may potentially damage your belongings.



Flexible design wise

A huge advantage of a verandah is that it is really flexible in regards to design because of the variety of materials and styles you can choose to build it with. With the range it has, you can basically add a verandah to any property. The guttering is also included during installation so there is no risk of water pooling in your home. You can also enhance your verandahs further by adding blinds, screens, and balustrades that can add even more value to your home.


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