A pergola is a term originally coined in Italy to mean an outdoor structure that is mainly designed to support the growth of climbing plants. The pergola’s beams and rafters provide space for the plants to grow and eventually give you a naturally shaded outdoor area. These structures are traditionally made with wooden materials but recent pergolas can be made with metal such as aluminium. 

Nowadays, you can tailor pergolas to suit your design needs perfectly as there is now a wider range of design, size, and shape options in the market. Knowing that, here are 8 modern pergola ideas that will surely elevate your backyard.


Set the mood with a Romantic Pergola

Soften the timber or metal look to your pergola by adding curtains, cushions, and chairs. Set the mood as well with candles and you will have the most romantic and relaxing setting in your area. Liven up the structure as well by incorporating bright colours and accessories and you’ll find yourself spending more time in your backyard rather than indoors.


Add a relaxing swing set

Pergolas are made with durable materials so adding a swing set will be no problem. Also, keeping your swing under cover will allow you to enjoy it all day and all year round. Installing trendy swings like hanging basket chairs or an egg hammock will serve as a great statement piece in your pergolas. You can also choose to have a classic hammock or a plank style traditional swing depending on which style suits your home the best.


Cover your pergolas with flowering climbers

Imagine relaxing in your pergola and right above you is a cascade of fresh flowers. There are different types of climbers that would suit different climates as well. You can choose between evergreen and deciduous depending on where you live. Wisterias are a common choice and for a good reason. When it blooms, it will make your backyard look like something straight from a storybook.


Rooftop Pergolas

If you have a two-storey house or an apartment unit with a large enough open balcony area, this is perfect for you. How good is it to spend outdoors just enjoying the fresh air and sunshine. You may need approval from your council or someone from your building but this is an addition that’s worth trying for sure. 


Decorative Metal Pergolas

Pergolas does not have to be just wooden slats, they look beautiful for sure, but there are multiple options now in the market. Iron or aluminium panels are durable and light making it a great material for pergolas. Metal shades can also be etched to add a modern twist to your pergolas as well to add a decorative touch in your backyard.


Light it up

To make sure your outdoor activities don’t stop when the sun goes down, install lights on your pergolas. String lights and paper lanterns are ideal for this as they can easily be easily hung or wrapped around the beams. Also, these lights look wonderful during the night time.


Add an outdoor spa

An outdoor spa is definitely a luxurious addition to a space. Making a shaded sanctuary with a pergola and a hot tub inside would be perfect for those cold nights. It’s perfect if you love hosting garden parties with your friends or just having a glass of wine with your significant other on a relaxing night.


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