There’s a saying that goes, “If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.”

A recent story of a couple scammed by a contractor serves as a poignant reminder of this age-old wisdom. Embarking on the journey of home improvement and renovation can be thrilling, but the stakes are high, and the risks are even higher if you don’t choose the right team for the job.

The unfortunate couple placed their trust—and a hefty 50% deposit—in a contractor who promised the moon but delivered only disappointment. No licensing, time delays, and poor communication turned their vision of an idyllic outdoor space into a prolonged ordeal. But the warning signs were there: a whopping 50% upfront payment, for starters.


How Much is Too Much?

Deposits are standard practice, acting as a mutual assurance between the contractor and the client. Nevertheless, the size and conditions of this deposit can often signify a company’s credibility and reliability.

At MyLiving Outdoors, our customers’ peace of mind is paramount. For construction projects like verandahs and decking, we request a maximum deposit of $1,000 or just 5% for contracts valued over $20,000. However, for specific projects such as blinds, shutters, and paving, a 30% deposit is standard. By maintaining transparent and industry-aligned practices, we aim to protect our customers from the financial pitfalls associated with unscrupulous operators.

Stunning timber decking meticulously crafted by the trusted contractor, MyLiving Outdoors.


Why Trust MyLiving Outdoors?

Beyond just financial aspects, entrusting your home to a contractor is about letting someone transform your dream into a reality. Projects like outdoor blind installations, decking, and paving require not just skills but also an understanding of the homeowner’s vision.

Licensing and Accreditation: At MyLiving Outdoors, every professional in our team possesses the required licenses and accreditations. This ensures that you’re handing over your project to skilled hands who know the ins and outs of industry standards.

Timely Deliverables: Delays can be frustrating and expensive. We respect your time and money, ensuring projects are completed as per agreed timelines.

Transparent Communication: Keeping our clients in the loop is a cornerstone of our approach. Whether it’s about materials, changes, or timelines, our customers are always informed.


Red Flags to Watch Out For

When you’re scouting for a contractor for your next outdoor project, stay vigilant. A few red flags can save you time, money, and unnecessary distress:

High Upfront Deposits: As exemplified by the aforementioned couple’s ordeal, asking for large deposits without any work underway is a huge warning sign and is also illegal.

Lack of Clear Communication: A contractor who’s elusive or vague about project details is likely to be a problematic choice.

No Proof of Past Work: Always ask for a portfolio or references. Reputed businesses like MyLiving Outdoors take pride in their past projects and happy customers.


Stunning outdoor blinds installed by the trusted contractor, MyLiving Outdoors, enhancing the aesthetic appeal of an outdoor space



Your home is a haven, a reflection of your dreams and aspirations. When you decide to enhance its beauty with outdoor projects, ensuring you’re working with a trusted partner is paramount.

MyLiving Outdoors embodies that trust, ensuring that every brick, plank, and tile resonates with your vision and our promise of quality. Because the foundation of a beautiful outdoor space isn’t just materials—it’s trust. Get in touch today to make your outdoor renovation dreams a reality.