Privacy in outdoor spaces is essential for relaxation and entertaining. Transform your outdoor space into a private sanctuary with MyLiving Outdoors’ range of premium screening solutions. Our screening solutions are not just functional barriers, they are a stylish addition to any outdoor area. Whether you’re enclosing a patio or adding a sophisticated touch, our screening solutions blend privacy with aesthetics seamlessly.


Decorative Screens

More than dividers, our screens are artistic statement pieces, adding visual interest to any outdoor area. They transform ordinary areas into captivating spaces, merging design with functionality. The intricate laser-cut designs allow for partial visibility and light filtration, offering an ideal balance of privacy and openness. Decorative screens can also be used to segment larger spaces into more private, smaller zones, or simply as stand-alone features that add a touch of elegance while ensuring privacy.

Timber & Aluminium Slats 

Slats are perfect for boosting privacy and adding a modern feel, they combine elegance with durability, offering a simple yet stylish way to uplift your outdoor aesthetics. For a more sophisticated look, vertical timber battens are an excellent choice. They provide seclusion while tying in aesthetically with other wooden elements like decks and balustrades. These types of screens are especially effective in outdoor kitchens and dining areas.

Solid Screens / Walls 

For those who value intimacy and practicality, our solid screening & walling options provide privacy as well as being a versatile canvas. With a range of materials available such as rendered blue board, Colorbond steel and polycarbonate options, they are ideal for decoration, TVs, art or vertical gardens.

Louvred Slats 

If the idea of a natural breeze appeals, louvred slats are designed to offer the best of both worlds – privacy and airflow. Their versatile, sleek and modern design makes them a practical yet fashionable choice. Their adjustable nature allows you to control the level of openness to suit varying situations, whether you’re seeking more sunlight, airflow or privacy at any given time. Louvred slats come in a range of colours, allowing you to tailor them to match your specific outdoor colour scheme. 


In addition to structural solutions, strategic landscaping plays a key role in enhancing privacy. Hedging and carefully selected trees like fast-growing conifers or bamboo (especially clumping varieties to avoid over-spreading) can create natural screens that are both beautiful and effective. These green solutions not only offer privacy but also add life and tranquility to your outdoor space.


Each of these options allows you to redefine the boundaries of your outdoor areas, creating a realm of comfort, class and seclusion.


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